Much shorter short URLs

Much shorter short URLs

Marketo links are "shortened" to 115 characters (in my case) after the domain, in the form of:


Running that same link through results in this:


(seven characters). I am positive has orders of magnitude more links running through it than does Marketo. Very few characters are needed: using upper and lower case letters plus numbers means there are 62 combinations for each character... or nearly a billion variations for five characters (if I did my math right).

So why can't all Marketo tracking links be six characters long (apart from the domain)?

I would have to imagine that would look much more friendly to algorithms which are looking for long links to identify bulk/spam messages.

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I'm of the same opinion Ed. Not only does it make more sense to have shorter urls, in my experience the pages load even faster. I had posted a similar idea a few days back (see link here - ) and I'm glad to see that someone has a similar opinion.

Hope Marketo takes notice of this and does something!



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