Tokenize Previous Value:

Tokenize Previous Value:

Many times I have had clients come to me where a smart campaign or an API has gone awry and changed the value of a field to something non-sensical.

For example, one client attempted to null out the State field for any lead who was outside the US or Canada. They had the logic backwards and nulled the value for every lead INSIDE the US and Canada.

The previous value of a field is stored, you can search it with "Data Value Changed" and a constraint of "Previous Value". But there isn't a good way to revert changes like this.

What we did in the case above was "Data Value Changed, Previous Value is CA, New Value is NULL" and a Change data value back to CA. We then had to re-run that campaign for every state in the Union plus every province in Canada.

What we need is a token for previous value on any field, that way if some automated process goes crazy and changes, say, a bunch of Company Names or Job Titles, we can revert to the previous value like this:

Data Value Changed, Previous Value is Not Empty, New Value is Empty, change data value to {{previous.value}}.

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This would be very useful... not only for us in Support, but for customers as well!  A simple mistake could be rectified quite easily.  I like!

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If a token isn't feasible then any other option to select "Previous Value" when using the Change Data Value flow step.

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Great idea! If this does get implemented, here is a note to the engineers: An index specifying how many iterations you would like to go back. A date variable that you can specify meaning the value that the field had before this time or after this time (a switch specifying before or after).

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Totally need this!