Modify "New Person" Behavior When Duplicates Are Found

Modify "New Person" Behavior When Duplicates Are Found

Today, users have the ability to use the "New --> New Person" menu option inside the Database section of Marketo to directly add a record if necessary.


However, the New Person flow does not account for pre-existing records with the same primary key—even if both versions of the record are Marketo-only and not synced to a distinct CRM record. Would it be possible to update this behavior to either explicitly prevent creating a duplicate in the Marketo database or notify the user that a user with that record's email address is already associated with a record?


Again, I'm not sure if this is an "intentional" workaround for creating duplicates, but it's unexpected behavior.

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I agree that presenting the user with a notification would be an excellent solution - that way it could be dismissed, and the duplicate created if necessary, but otherwise allowing the user to write to the existing record (or even just giving them a link to the existing record) would be excellent.