Ticketing/Support Center Improvements


Ticketing/Support Center Improvements

Having submitted my fair share of support tickets in Marketo, I'd love to see some (hopefully) simple improvements that would make the experience a lot smoother:


  1. With the main ticket description at the top of the page, follow-up comments should be oldest first (this also makes more sense given that the comment box is at the bottom of the page)
  2. Add a window expander for the comment box (it's available here in the community!) - it takes a really long time to write out a detailed ticket or comment because you can only see 5 lines at a time, resulting in constant scrolling
  3. Allow links to be embedded in text - makes it easier to reference examples for troubleshooting without taking up a ton of space in the comment box
  4. Automatically have links open up in a new window - I've lost count of the times I've clicked on a reference link earlier in the ticket only to lose what I was writing at the time and have to start over
  5. Connect file attachments to the comments/ticketing section - I like to add files as I reference them in the comments but if I upload a file before submitting the comment or even the original ticket, I lose what I was writing
  6. Add the ability to upload multiple attachments at once - sometimes there's a need to include multiple screenshots for example and it would be much easier to multi-select and upload at the same time
  7. When accessing a ticket from the update email, remove the request to log in if already logged into Marketo OR, following the log in, take me to the page I originally clicked through to (currently, I click the email, log in, go to the home page, and either hit the back button or return to the email to click through)

I hope this is something that would benefit other Marketo users and that we can see some updates in the near future!

Michelle 😊