MCE re-certification - focusing only on net new Marketo

MCE re-certification - focusing only on net new Marketo

I've taken the MCE several times now to get re-certified and I was wondering if it would be possible at all for the re-certification test be different than the one that new Marketo users have. Salesforce only makes people keep up with their certification with only net new Salesforce capabilities that are on the test. With all the updates on a regular basis this would be a very fair way of people going to get re-certified rather than giving the same questions to people who have been in Marketo a long time.

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Good idea. A move in the right direction is that the new Certification lasts 2 years now, instead of 1. It didn't seem necessary to test every year if only a few new features had been released.

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Salesforce does this kind of re-certification. It would be nice if Marketo was able to do so, too  

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Thanks for the feedback

This is very much on our radar.  We don't have anything to announce currently, but stay tuned!

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