Mass approve emails by snippet

Mass approve emails by snippet

When editing a snippet I'd like to be able either to sort all emails in Design Studio view by snippet so I can mass approve them all OR when viewing the list of emails that contain a snippet on the snippet view to be able to mass approve them there. 
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Thanks Cheryl.
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I'd also like to add that doing the mass approval in email view does not include those emails included on other workspaces.  For example, we use SHARED email templates, landing page templates and snippets that are contained in our global/default workspace that are shared across all 21 workspaces.  When a change is made to one of these assets, it only shows those emails in the global instance.  So we really would need a way for this to work effectively across workspaces as well.
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This would be HUGE for us. The "do not draft" idea. We're on track to have thousands of emails by the end of the year - and we use snippets at the bottom of emails / landing pages for our privacy / cookie language globally. When a country changes their information – its extremely hard to go back and approve drafts for everything.
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We need yesterday!
Update a snippet and you have to go back and approve ALL our emails...a hugh pain.
Please make this happen tomorrow!
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Hi all,

I'm a new product manager at Marketo and this is my top priority to address! Like Cheryl mentioned, this will be a type of "No-Draft" capability that will allow you to not-draft assets each time a shared template/snippet etc is updated. All updates will be pushed to the related assets while keeping their prior status as this example shows:

  1. I have a snippet that is used by 100 landing pages, where 80 are approved and 20 are in draft mode.
  2. I update my snippet by changing a date in the footer from 2014 to 2015
  3. Upon approval of the snippet, the 80 approved landing pages will receive this update and remain approved (no more drafts!) and the 20 drafted pages will get the update but remain in draft mode.

Keep in mind this is the direction I'm leaning, I still need to finalize all of the requirements.

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Any update on this...

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Yes still actively on-going. I will follow up once I have a timeframe for availability.

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