Super Admin panel

Super Admin panel

I get that one of the hardest things for Marketo is to provide a million potential options and still make a clean streamlined user experience. I think they do a really good job. But if you actually implemented a bunch of the ideas from the community you'd have an over cluttered UI.

Suggestion: Super Admin panel. There are a number of 'nice to have' things that could be grouped together on a super admin panel.

I'd think all of these could manage to be on the super admin panel.

Expose support tools to Super Admins

Admin Messages to instance users

Admin log for List Imports

Admin Setting for Seed Lists and Click to View links

Corporate Colors | Admin function add to Design Studio color swatches

Be able to see what others in your company are doing

Unsubscribe using snippet/segmentation

Opt Out & View as a Web Page in Different Languages

The SFDC sync will break - Please give us the tools to detect it

Manual SFDC sync

Block IP address

Last Modified By, Last Modified Date, Last Login

Ability to set required fields for programs

Get an alert when you are near your Marketo database limit

Utility to Check for Munchkin Tracking Code Working Correctly

MEDIA ALERT: Marketo purchases URL Shortening company

Set default "From" & "Reply To" addresses

More SFDC Sync Visibility

Track Changes on Field Names

Super nerdy Release notes  --> on super admin or an rss feed.

UH ya... I had to update 1000 landing pages, it takes a while so I had a little time to kill.
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preach, adam! love all these.
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Hi Adam,

This is definitely an idea we have discussed.  We will do something similar to this when we add the concept of a workspace admin and the audit trail (which should come first).  We recognize that there are actually two levels of administration in many organizations.  

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Love this!
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Audit trail - yes!!!

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Thank you for sharing all these links. This is great for a new user like myself. Thanks, -L
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Love it! 
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Beautiful! And audit trails - sweet!
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Awesome! Super Admin!!!
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