Mass Add and Delete Tags on Programs

Mass Add and Delete Tags on Programs

The ability to mass add and delete tags on programs is needed in Marketo. Currently, the only option to change tags on programs is to enter each program manually and add or delete the relevant tags one by one. When a large number of programs have to be updated this business case becomes hours worth of manual labor.

Use cases are as follows:

  • Organization is beginning to use RCA/RCE reporting and wants tags to better sort and filter programs in various reports. Since this is the first time an urgent business need has come up to use tagging, many legacy and active programs exist that have to be mass updated with new tags created. We would like to add the correct tags to relevant programs en masse.
  • A subset of programs no longer requires a specific tag, though the tag is still needed at an organizational level for use in other programs. We would like to remove the tag from the relevant programs en masse.

Ideas to resolve:

  • The ability to pull a report on programs to find particular subsets, export the list of program id's and any current tags, add the tags in Excel or similar in a new column, and import into Marketo.
  • The ability to batch update using functionality similar to Smart Lists for leads.

Thank you!

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Marketo, this is so important for customers. We can't leverage tags at scale until this functionality is available.

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Would an update on this from Adobe dev team?