Marketo Trust needs to be broken down per pod and/or service

Marketo Trust needs to be broken down per pod and/or service

As a consultant, I handle client instances on many different pods--and as such, I field a lot of questions from clients experiencing issues that are just pod-specific. These aren't major issues (mostly it will be things like assets not saving properly, list generation having delays, etc.), but there should be transparency when these things are happening on specific instances. In fact, many of these issues are actually relegated to just one pod and other pods in the datacenter are just fine.

If you visit Salesforce's Trust Status you can see status for each main cluster they have.

If you visit Hubspot's HubSpot Status you will see breakdowns of performance by individual service.

Why does Marketo not offer this level of detail and clarity? We really need it.

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Courtney Grimes​ Thank you for the feedback. We do post which pods are experiencing issues in the incidents section of Marketo Status  to provide you with more specific details, but I agree with your feedback that we should be more granular around uptime per pod.

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This is a wonderful idea. I've been complaining about the lack of proactive reporting (on a pod-level) for some time with our Marketo rep. It sounds like they want to work on it, but perhaps need this escalated and voted up on community as well. So I'll do my best to vote this up and talk with other marketo users to vote this up a bit more. 

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