Add Engagement Program Peformance Report - with Streams & Exhausted Content

Add Engagement Program Peformance Report - with Streams & Exhausted Content

There is a similar idea for adding Engagement Programs to the Program Performance Reporting in RCE. This idea is to add an Engagement Program Performance Report to the standard analytics (i.e., not Revenue Explorer).

1) Add a row for each stream in addition to the row for the overall Engagement program

2) Include new columns for Active Members with Exhausted Content and % Active Members with Exhausted Content (Active = Cadence is Normal)

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Denise Greenberg​--we do surface this data on the engagement program dashboard and allow you to filter by stream (which should get you the numbers you are looking for in the engagement stream performance report. Have you tried viewing this data there?

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Hi Frank - The dashboard is fine if you want to look at one engagement program at a time. If I'm the director of demand gen and I have 10 multi-stream engagement programs, I want a rollup report that shows me the type of info in the dashboard for ALL my engagement programs.

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Hi Frank,

Completely support Denise on this. Basically, we would need to be able to get the data we have in the dashboard in a report to which we could subscribe. The line entries of the report would be

Engagement program #1

     - Stream 1

     - Stream 2

Engagement program #2

     - Stream 1

     - Stream 2


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Hi Frank Passantino & Grégoire Michel -

Having looked into this further, we actually need more robust reporting then would be achieved by Greg's additions and my initial description.

Case in point, I have a Marketing Director client with multiple (> 10) Engagement Programs who wants a monthly report showing the following BY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAM AND STREAM (so the left-most column is a list of the Engagement Programs and each of their streams - and then the other columns are:

  1. New People Added
  2. Emails Sent
  3. No. of People Who Were Sent Emails
  4. Successes
  5. Unsubscribes
  6. Exhausted (Normal Cadence)
  7. Exhausted (Paused)

I can't produce that report  - partly because to do so I would have to be able to mix together features of program performance reports, lead performance reports (with custom columns - and the 10-column limitation is a problem here, too), and engagement stream reports. Instead, she's going to have to look through a bunch of separate reports.


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