Make it compulsory to add specific fields in forms

Make it compulsory to add specific fields in forms

In countries that are obliged to comply with opt-in or double opt-in regulation, the opt-in field always have to be on forms.

For the moment, it is impossible to force Marketo users to always add these fields to forms, thus creating a significant risk of non-compliance.

This idea is that we should be able, in the admin -> field management, to flag a field "as the "Opt-in" request field or more broadly as "always be on form".

When this is done, when a user creates a form, 1/ these mandatory fields will always be added by default and 2/if the field(s) are not on the form when approving it, the user will be prompted to confirm that they wish to create that form without the field.

In multiple workspace environments, each workspace should have different mandatory fields (since in a large international org, some countries may have to comply with an opt-out regulation, while some others will have to go by the opt-in one and others by the double opt-in).

We could even imagine a role permission so that some users would be allowed to create forms without these mandatory fields and some users will always have to comply with the rule.


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Great for country compliance management Grégoire Michel

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Totally agree! This would reduce risk.

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Yes, Geoff, that's precisely the point we have bumped into recently. New users being hired in a remote location, not really trained...

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