Let Champions Mark Correct Answers

Let Champions Mark Correct Answers

So many of us cringe when data is incorrect - and this includes a perfectly answered question left "unanswered."

Let your most frequent community users pitch in and give credit where credit is due.

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Fantastic idea Delinda!

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I'm all in favor of that!  Can we also change it the when an incorrect reply is marked as 'correct answer' - especially when there is a better reply that should be marked as the 'correct answer'?

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I wouldn't limit this to just Champions.  There are several other active/knowedgable members who are not official champions - like myself and Sanford Whiteman​ - who should also be able to give the same credit.  Perhaps another status should be given to give members this capability (since champion members are so limited).  I also love Elliott's idea as well!

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You said it, not me.

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