Readable Subject Tokens in Mkto Sales Insights

Readable Subject Tokens in Mkto Sales Insights

We use tokens all the time in our email subject lines, which works great for our programs, but doesn't translate into SFDC. Marketo Sales Insights in SFDC shows the actual token instead of the value of the token. That is a huge inconvenience for our sales team, who want to see what emails we're sending to their leads and what emails have been engaged with. Please help us out and make the populate the token values in Marketo Sales Insights. Thanks!

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We have the same problem. In SalesForce our team sees

Webinar Thursday: {{my.Webinar Title}}

It makes it hard to convince the sales team this is useful information!

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It's not only tokens on the subject line but tokens in the body of the email. It's hugely inconvenient that they don't render when sent via Marketo Sales Insight. E.g.,our reps like us to expose the invitations to Trade Shows so that they can personalize them for specific customers or prospects. To do so means we can't use tokens in these emails.

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Same issue as noted in

Marketo - merge these ideas and let's get this resolved already.

Until it is, you are limiting the power of tokens, or crippling SI.

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