Improve the Sales Insight (MSI)/Outlook plug-in interface

Improve the Sales Insight (MSI)/Outlook plug-in interface

We're starting to do some initial testing of Sales Insight prior to piloting it with select sales team members across our global organization.  We have 24 country workspaces and over 800 programs in Marketo.  Most of this is due to replicating the US/English programs to each country workspace (including translations).  So a single email campaign to promote a single piece of content can include upwards of 24 separate programs.  We also do a lot of events - which include email invitations.  As you can imagine we have hundreds of emails that we would like to push out to Sales Insight to enable the sales teams (within each country) to send to their customers.

But the interface is so simplistic and I don't think a global organization was in the mind of the developers when this was created.  I therefore would like to see the following enhancements so that it's actually usable for us:

  • Eventually, we will have hundreds of emails listed on the left.  It would be nice to have some sort of navigation tree, for example, by country (or make it user-definable based on Marketo tags)
  • Enable for the customization of the Sales Insight name of the email so that more meaningful/simplistic names can be displayed (since the names of the emails that are listed here are based on our program names. This can get quite confusing for sales to find the right one to use.
  • Offer the ability to search by keywords
  • Offer multiple ways to sort (by date, by country, by program, etc.)
  • It's not apparent that you can resize the left pane.  I only found this out by trying to drag the border between the pane and preview (add an arrow cursor when hovering over this area).


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Great suggestions Dan!, It would be nice to als see some basic reporting in MSI so SFDC users can see opens, bounces clicks etc.. in a report based on individual emails sent.
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Some additional input

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Hi Dan,

I wrote a couple of ideas a while ago on this:


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Hi Greg - Yeah, I saw those.  This one is actually quite old - I submitted it back in November 2014.  It took me a while to find it as I was trying to reference it for this idea that was posted today ( ).  So I added "MSI" to the title of it so it's easier to find in the future.  That also re-surfaced the idea to the top of the list.

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I feel like this post idea is also relevant here to improve wider data filtering;

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