Improve GoToWebinar integration

Improve GoToWebinar integration

Currently Marketo can not send all field data to GotoWebinar such as phone number, country, industry etc. This means when we pull reports on who has attended our webinars from GTW this information is missing in the reports, despite being captured at the point of registration. This makes it hard for our sales team to do follow-up using the GTW reports.

GTW has said Marketo is not pushing this field data through and have tested their system, however, Marketo support has advised Marketo does not have access to this information because of the GTW API.

If all fields could talk to each other seamlessly between Marketo and GTW would make life a lot easier for all.


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Hi Danielle,

Have you tried leveraging Marketo forms versus the GTW landing page and then running the webinar progressions/flows through Marketo versus GTW? That would allow the registration data to live within Marketo or your CRM versus GTW.

Hope that helps.



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Need this too, especially for Country field.

Also contacted GTW and got the same answer that there's nothing they can do.

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