Salesforce Field Usage Report on Marketo

Salesforce Field Usage Report on Marketo

Recently, I starting working on a field audit/reduction project for all fields that sync to our Salesforce system. Initially I thought that the easiest way to evaluate all of the fields used by our different Marketo efforts (Emails, Campaigns, Reports, Forms, etc.) is to create a simple export of all of the fields on the "field management" section.

The only problem is that although the export lists down all of the marketo fields, the API name, and SFDC field it does not indicate if, in fact, the field is being utilized on the various Marketo campaign efforts. Although you can easily find what assets are using the field simply by clicking on individual fields on "field management" it becomes a problem when you have hundreds of fields.

Which is why I think having a simple report that will address all of these parameters would make processes easier when auditing SFDC/Marketo synced fields. Specifically it would be great to have the following:

-Marketo Field

-API Field

-SFDC Field

-Marketo Asset Used

          -Email Templates (as tokens)

          -Smart Campaigns

          -Smart Lists



          -Other (if any)

Does anybody else have a similar issue or do you think this would be helpful, especially when it comes to system maintenance administrators out there like me?



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Would love to see this for all CRM integrations - not just SFDC.  We use MS Dynamics.

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Good point Dan! Any system that syncs database information in and out of Marketo would be beneficial.

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This should apply to all fields, not just the ones that are sync'ed.


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