Have an Opt-In field that is sync'ed with the unsubscribe field at system level

Have an Opt-In field that is sync'ed with the unsubscribe field at system level

Marketo manages strongly opt-out users with the unsubscribe field. But in many countries, and this number will soon grow with the roll out of the GDPR in 2018, an opt-in field is needed on forms.

Of course, the we can create the field and create some smart campaigns to sync it with the unsubscribe one. But this can be subject to execution delays that Marketo users and admin cannot control. This means that we might observe some discrepancies in the database and if for any reason.

So this idea is that we would need to be able to declare in the admin a checkbox field as the exact opposite value of the unsubscribe one. Marketo would then make sure in the background that the 2 fields (unsubscribe and opt-in) would always be perfectly sync'ed.

Since that opt-in field could be sync'ed with the CRM, it would be necessary that either it should automap (subject to the proper CRM field definition. See ) or that we could pick custom checkbox field (including a CRM sync'ed one) and make it the opt-in field.

Another (complementary) possibility would be that we could decide in the setup that we want to manage the whole instance through opt-in and declare the opt-in field. In this case, the opt-in field would be used as the unsubscribe field to automatically filter out email addresses from non operational emails. And this opt-in field would also be sync'ed to the "durable Opt-in" database and any change would also propagate to all identical email addresses.


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I'd rather see a customizable Permissions Object.

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+1 but we need more than one combination of optin/unsubscribe fields:

With GDPR we need separate explicit opt in for content emails and for product & sales sollicitations, so at least 2 opt in fields to comply with the new regulation!

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Bonjour Marie Ligier,

That's a different story. Look here: Marketo GDPR Compliance-a summary of key ideas and more specifically here:


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