Create Interesting Moments via REST API

Create Interesting Moments via REST API

I'm currently interested in taking various pieces of data from a web page to pass through on an Interesting Moment--things not necessarily a part of the URL or any parameters, but on the actual generated page itself--and adding that data to the current Interesting Moments that are being sent on web activity. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to do this; the closest I can do is make Marketo fields for each of these and string them together in the Interesting Moment, but that runs into race conditions when people are looking at 5-6 pages/minute. If I can just directly write the IMs, I can alleviate this issue and have more control of making sure the 140 char limit is honored.

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This is possible today using a little elbow grease and the Request Campaign API.  You can follow the pattern described here:  Instead of Send Email + Email Asset, though, you just embed your program token into the IM flow step.


Campaign is Request - Web Service API


IM: {{my.Text Replacement Token}}

A convenience method for this might be worthwhile, though.

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More globally, the munchkin API should enable, IMHO, to create other type of activities in Marketo than just the "visit web page" and "click link". It should be possible, IMHO, to post either other standard activities or custom ones through the munchkin.



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