GoToWebinar Launchpoint Integration: {{member.webinar url}} Improvments

GoToWebinar Launchpoint Integration: {{member.webinar url}} Improvments

The one major issue my team has with this connector is lets say we are launching an event that contains the option for users to register for multiple webinars. The registration link for each of those webinars can be found in the token: {{member.webinar url}}

The problem we have is when we try and email a confirmation with the user's registration link, we need to send a confirmation email for each webinar since the {{member.webinar url}} token is specific to a single webinar and there appears to be no way to have different {{member.webinar url}} tokens from different programs in a single email.

This creates a MAJOR user experience issue and is really the largest problem we have with the connector and in my opinion fixing the above functionality will greatly improve the connector.

Solution: Allow multiple {{member.webinar url}} tokens to be referenced in a parent default program so that they can all be accurately referenced and used in a single email

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Tricky problem.. if the url token could be localized and associated with a unique launchpoint event maybe. Really good call-out, interesting problem from an engineering perspective.

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Mike Langellotti

Don't know if that's exactly your use case, but we have done this by writing {{member.webinar url}} into another field. So we created one LP with a couple of webinar registration options on it. For each webinar we have one Marketo program. In these Marketo programs we have a Registration Tracking Smart Campaign with these flow steps:

2017-04-12 12_14_21-Marketo _ 02 Register for all WBRs (Flow) • Marketing Activities.jpg

So now we have the attendee link saved into DS_WBR6_URL and we can use this token in our confirmation email. You can have as many of those as you like.

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Hey Mike,

Thanks for posting!  I did not realize you could use that token in flow steps.  So in my use case, you would have the above flow in all the different webinar programs pushing that value to a different field





Each of the fields would have the respective attendee link to the webinars they signed up for.  As long as those links are getting copied into those fields properly, that should work.  Would need to test, but very nice catch Mike!!   

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