Email Insights - Ideas for enhanced functionality

Email Insights - Ideas for enhanced functionality

First, thanks to Marketo on delivering this great enhancement to the email reporting.

After using insights, I thought of some things that might make it more valuable, it least to me.

I think the icons and text could be used to link to information that would be helpful.

Starting from the left below

  • have the email icon, when clicked, have it open a new tab and take you to the email preview
  • When you click the email name, have the system open a new tab and take you the campaign or program which send that email on that day.

Starting from the right and working left

  • The Sort by drop down is good but it could be better with more choices.  Adding the following would be very helpful to me:
    • By Reply To
    • By From Address
    • By Operational Only Emails
    • By Subject Line (not showing tokens but what the customer sees)
    • By Email Sending Domain
    • By Email Sending IP
  • Make better use the of white space after the Email Name and before the Type.


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