Gmail Plug-In to Work with Multiple Account Sign-On

Gmail Plug-In to Work with Multiple Account Sign-On

The Gmail plugin has an API failure anytime you are working with a multiple account sign-on in Google. Many of our reps have their work email open, along with their personal email, out of convenience. It would be great to work the extension out in a way that allows for multiple accounts, focusing on the primary one linked to Marketo (business account), while still allowing other accounts to function without Marketo at the same time.

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Adding my $0.02 here: multiple account sign on is a feature that Google gave us but one that Marketo has taken away from us. To me, this isn't a feature but a necessity for me to be able to do my jobs.

Yes, I work from home, and because of that, I don't work a structured 9-5 and therefore have other items on my plate which require consistent access to other logged-in Gmail accounts in Chrome, where I jump from tab to tab, so in logging out of my other Gmail accounts to prioritize Marketo, I'm unfortunately neglecting other employment and am even making the mistake of commenting on YouTube videos on my work account while taking a short break (this really happened--now I'm trying to figure out how to delete said YouTube account that Marketo's restriction accidentally made me create).

I follow the notion of "real time email" and in giving my company and its clients amazing support. I've been working like this with multiple account sign-in for more than 6 years. I can't do that when logging out of my accounts ALL. DAY. LONG. in order to use Marketo. 

Please, I implore Marketo to give some consideration to those of us in this boat. It's not a feature for me. The plugin does not work to realistic expectations given the feature Google affords us called "multiple sign-in" which no longer exists with the introduction of Marketo, and it's a serious bug in my workflow. 

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