Email Plug-In to Track Multiple Recipients

Email Plug-In to Track Multiple Recipients

Today, the Gmail plugin and the Outlook plugin both log emails and SFDC activity to the first recipient in the To: field of an email. While this is handy, the reality is most sales exchanges occur between more then just one sender and one recipient. Oftentimes you are working with a team of people, all of whom need to be involved in a conversation. If you really want to track engagement with a customer, you need to know everyone who is being talked to. 

Other automation programs log to all recipients, so it seems like a feature Marketo needs to adopt to address actual business practices. Without this feature, it is impossible to report on true activity.
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this is very true!
all recipents must get logged.
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When you update Salesforce to the new Lightning version you loose the ability to send mass emails through Sales Insight AND add mass emails to campaigns. So, Marketo's ability to support existing Sales functionality with Lightning upgrades has now taken a front seat. Marketo engineering - we need you to address this as it's becoming increasingly hard to justify the expense of SI and this is definitely not helping!

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Hi Kelly- I totally agree with you.  I added this as an Idea if you'd like to vote.

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