Forms 2.0: List Field in form multiple times

Forms 2.0: List Field in form multiple times

Hi all,

Currently in forms 2.0, you cannot use the same field multiple times in a form.  My company's use case for this type of functionality is below.

Field Y is tied to a certain question you are asking the user to answer on your form.  Sometimes, users do not answer questions correctly though, so you may want to ask an additional clarifying question.  When the clarifying question is answered, you can then have this value overwrite the original value.  If you play around with visibility rules, you can even have certain instances where the clarifying question overwrites the original value and instances where it does not.

Form X

Question Y > Field Y

Clarifying Question Z > Field Y


Right now the only solution would be creating another custom field to capture the clarifying value and create a smart list to do the updating of field Y.  We all know how much we love the 100s of custom fields we already create and manage, so what's a few more...

Please allow us to use the same field in a form multiple times.



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Can you use the multiple picklist values option to solve your problem?

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It's actually trivial to add a synthetic form field within a Rich Text area and have that serve as the rephrased/clarifying question. Or any other question. Then choose the best value onSubmit.

Multiple picklist values wouldn't solve the problem unless you deliberately add another real field to create the widget (then discard the value of the real field).

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