Export field used by

Export field used by

Sometimes, we need to discard usage of a field. This means first removing all usage of the field, before being able to hide it.

It would be very useful if we were able to export, for a given field, all assets where the field is used by with asset name and asset Marketo URL. The time saving would be huge!


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I really need this functionality please!

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Not only is this useful when discarding a field, but when troubleshooting, and very useful when you inherit an instance and you are not familiar with it.

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I stumbled upon this idea while trying to find something else and just wanted to let everyone here know that this feature exists.  If you go to the field > Click on "Field Actions" > Export Used By.  


Hope this helps everyone on this thread and everyone who up voted.


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You should really be able to export the "Used by" for Segmentations. This is a huge gap.