Emoji support in email subject lines

Emoji support in email subject lines

Emojis are not a documented supported feature in Marketo, and while they aren't for every audience there are a lot of promising test results that show they can be effective at helping emails stand out.

Many benefits to using emojis are outlined in this Marketo blog post:

It would be great to have this as a supported feature. Other ESPs have recently introduced support for emojis and initial test results and it's something I would like to be able to test out in Marketo. Vote this up if you feel the same.

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I don't understand why this "Idea" is in category "Already has it (Partially)"; that categorization is inaccurate.

The ask here is for Marketo to support UTF-8 Version 8.0 character sets throughout the product, not just in subject lines but in the email body as well. Currently that does not work.

Some other ESPs are perfectly capable of sending emails with Emoji UTF-8 characters. Here are a few:

Campaign Monitor: How To Use Symbols in Email Subject Lines | Campaign Monitor

Mail Chimp: How We Set Up Emoji Support for Subject Lines | MailChimp Email Marketing Blog

This feature is also supported by Hubspot and Pardot.

This is one of 3 ideas asking for the same thing, that should be merged in the ideas portal by Marketo Product management.

Here is a video demonstrating the lack of UTF-8 character set support in Marketo:

marketo support - UTF-8 characters being lost - YouTube

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Here's the Marketo reason for the status:   . It's sort of supported but not fully, which is frustrating that you can't vote it up.

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This initiative still needs to be improved. It should be EASY for us to add emojis into subject lines. It's not sufficient that there are complicated work arounds.