Uploading New Fonts

Uploading New Fonts

Hi Marketo Team:

It would be great if Marketo gave its users the ability to upload and use fonts independently of Google fonts so that businesses can create a seamless experience across all platforms.

Chris Bernabe

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Hi Chris,

The way fonts work on the web is that you have a piece of text in an HTML element that may be styled with a special font:

<span style="font-family:'Roboto';">STYLED TEXT</span>

If the user's computer doesn't have that font file stored, then the browser won't be able to display it. This is where web fonts come in. When you use something like Google web fonts, each webpage has a reference to the web font somewhere in the HTML:

<link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

This way, the browser will be able to download the font and then display the text you entered correctly. This is really the only way to use non-universal fonts on the web and (for the most part) make sure that it will look good across the board. It's not a guarantee that a person's specific web browser will handle the reference, which is why people recommend you also include a universal fallback font in the font-family declaration.

Marketo supports Google web fonts in our landing pages. You'll see that we list these fonts as options when you are editing text in our Landing Page Editor. If you select one of those, we will automatically insert the correct reference to the Google font in your landing page. You absolutely can use custom web fonts if that is what you're interested in doing. To do so, I would add a reference to the web font in the <head> portion of your landing page template, then specify that certain elements should use that font via your page's CSS. We don't have a more integrated way to do this, as it really does require you to entire the font reference manually in the HTML.

If you check out this page, you'll see a reference to the "Web Font Loader" which allows you to load either custom web fonts you are hosting on your own servers or web fonts from a variety of providers (in addition to Google Fonts).


Hope that helps.

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