Don't divide First Touch Attribution Across Contacts

Don't divide First Touch Attribution Across Contacts

In First Touch analysis Marketo divides opportunities across multiple contacts associated with the opportunity.  This prevents us from understanding which Program actually drove the first touch for a new opportunity.  This type of attribution division should be reserved for Multi-Touch analysis only and First Touch attribution should go to the first engagement with a representative from a company (a contact).

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Hi Scott Kendrick

Great question, let me share how to do what you're asking for.  There are good reasons why we compute fractional attribution for First Touch in addition to Multi-Touch - but this won't prevent you from asking the question you're trying to.

The key is to look at the "(FT) Opportunities Created" metric.  This will be fractional if multiple leads participated in the program - in either FT or MT.  Here are the steps to report on what you ask:

1) Open Revenue Explorer

2) Create a new report for "Program Opportunity Analysis" -- this analysis area will let you combine both program and opportunity fields in a single report

3) Add "Opportunity Name" and "Program Name" as Rows

4) Add "(FT) Opportunities Created" --- this will give you the fractional participation/attribution for each program associated with each Opportunity -- Note, if you don't care about seeing the value, you can just skip to step 5.

5) To only see Programs that were *the* first acquisition program for a given Opportunity, add a filter for "(FT) Opportunities Created" > 0.0

6) Voilà!  there's your answer

Below is a screenshot of how the report will look:


Hope this help, please let me know if you have further questions.

Note, there are different metrics you can use to decide which Opportunities to include.  I used the all opportunities created.  Alternatively, if you just wanted to see FT acquisition program on won opportunities, you can also use the "(FT) Opportunities Won".

Brian Theodore

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