Do Not Sync to CRM

Do Not Sync to CRM

We would need to have a "Do Not Sync to CRM" field that, when checked, would always prevent a Marketo lead to be pushed to the CRM. Once checked, all explicit or implicit sync actions would be ignored.

An admin setting would enable the admin to decide whether the default value of this field would be checked or unchecked. Ideally, this setting would be different per partition.

Uses cases are all about preventing undesirable leads to be pushed to the CRM, event through implicit syncs (such as adding the lead to a program that is sync'ed with a campaign).


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I like this idea but my question is, what happens when you have this unchecked, it syncs and then you check the lead later? Would it simply cut off any updates but still reside in Salesforce?

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Hi Christina,

Roughly the same as when you set a sync filter on CRM side: it has to be handled on SFDC side if you want it to be deleted.

More globally, there is an issue in the way the sync filter works: the sync source knows, but the sync target does not know that the sync is stopped (see "Sync with Marketo" mysteries part 1​). hence this other idea:

So my suggestion here is that a last sync would occur, but only for the sync filter field.

Another consequence of this is that this "Do Not Sync to CRM" field should also be part of the packages fo fields to be installed on the CRM.


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There is a workaround for this one:

  1. Create a field in SFDC, on leads and contacts. Type Checkbox. Name it as you want. Default value is unchecked.
  2. Let the field sync with Marketo
  3. In Marketo, run a smart campaign on all synch'ed persons (SFDC type is not empty) to check the field.
  4. Let the sync happen and both Marketo and SFDC to get aliigned
  5. Create a validation rule on that field in SFDC that prevents lead creation in the lead creator is the Marketo user and the field is not checked

Now, you have a mechanism that make sure that no lead will created in SFDC until this field is checked. Then you will have to manage the field in Marketo through smart campaigns.

Remember that you will have to reset program members when setting the field if you want the programs to sync with SFDC campaigns.


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Hi Gregoire,

First off, thank you for this and all of your SFDC sync to MKTO threads/work!

(And for your continued generous work to help us all vote up improvements to MKTO. I have voted up on all of your recommendations and have learned so much in the process of reading the reasoning!)

I'm very concerned with preventing 99% my small company's 100K+ MKTO DB person from syncing to our upcoming brand new SFDC CRM. (We are migrating just 1K Contacts and less than 100 Leads from Sugar CRM.)

Would you please elaborate on how your 5th step works?

5. Create a validation rule on that field in SFDC that prevents lead creation in the lead creator is the Marketo user and the field is not checked

I think I understand steps 1-4, but it's been a few years since I've been an SFDC admin.

Are you saying that after steps 1-4 have been accomplished, we can create an SFDC field validation rule only for the dedicated SFDC "user record" (aka MKTO sync User) that will prevent any new SFDC records from being created unless that field is checked during a flow step in programs in MKTO?

Thank you in advance for your help on this. And I apologize if it should be glaringly obvious, as I say, it's been a few years since I've worked in SFDC :^)


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