Delete Interesting Moments

Delete Interesting Moments

I recently created a smart campaign that inadvertently populated the wrong lead records with an interesting moment.  I found out through support that these cannot be deleted even on the back end.  It was suggested by support that I submit an idea for this.


Hello Tanya,

At this time there isn't a method of being able to remove an interesting moment activity. This is due to the number of different objects in the database that are all connected when the interesting moment is created that this ability currently isn't available. This is a feature improvement that I'd recommend up-voting or creating an idea post on our community site as these ideas are regularly reviewed by our Product Management team. Clinton Moore

It would be extremely helpful, as now i have an erroneous milestone in a slew of records, and I know that the sales reps will be confused, no matter how many times it is explained to them that it was in error. Furthermore, they will not be able to tell off the bat, which is a correct entry and which is an incorrect entry without either asking me or digging into the lead record themselves.

Thank you!

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Yes! We have decided that some moments are no longer interesting and would like to remove them, as they are muddying up our Opp Analyzers.

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Same issue here. As we were setting up our Marketo and Salesforce we configured an interesting moment which accidentally populated on thousands of wrong lead/contact records. We would really like to remove this. Each week a sales rep asks me 'why does this contact have that interesting moment?' - it's very distracting for them

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I have the same issue. Need to update an interesting moment type, there is still no way to update or remove an individual interesting moment. We will be implementing new lead scoring rules soon and will need to change interesting moments also for that.

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We have the same issue and have even created interesting moments that were a mistake and there's no way to reverse them.  This should definitely be on the roadmap.

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I was just looking to do this and agree would be great to have this.

I also found an older idea requesting same thing -   Make sure you vote on both!

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