Default checkbox for MSI gmail plugin

Default checkbox for MSI gmail plugin

How many times have you heard the complaint "I sent an email with Marketo for Gmail and it didn't track!" from Sales reps?

Well... since the new release of the updated MSI plugin for Gmail, I've heard it every day!

Why? Because the "send with Marketo" checkbox clears itself with each new email.

Interestingly, this is different from the old behavior which used to store the selection (allowing people to default to having it ON).

There's definitely a good argument for both cases, but since we can't have the 2 buttons (like in Outlook), it seems as though it would save many Sales reps mis-fires and many Marketo admins complaints if there was a way to define the default setting on a personal setting level.

Just one more little option to make everyone's life better

Marketo Employee

Hi Guy,

Thank you for providing this feedback. The product team will be looking into this issue to see what resolutions we can provide for this workflow issue. 

Community Manager
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