Custom sysModstamp for Sync

Custom sysModstamp for Sync

Building out Idea as solution from a support case.

Currently in our system our Account object is updated multiple times a day across thousands of Accounts.

None of the fields being updated are visible to Marketo, but because the sysModstamp is modified Marketo looks at each record to ultimately skip it.

The results of this is that Contacts and Leads do not get updated until after business hours (6-12+ hours after updated).  You can see where this might be a problem.  And since Accounts take priority over Contacts and Leads this happens to us everyday.

My Idea to solve for this is to allow us to reference a new "sysModstamp" for Marketo to sync off of.  A field that we can create inside of Salesforce that will be updated when those fields that are important and visible to Marketo are updated.  This way there will be no skipping and unnecessary delays for any of our objects.

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Josh Hampleman​, were you able to figure out a solution for this?

We've been dealing with the same issue for the past few years and we finally got our internal teams to rebuild the data intelligence tool that updates Salesforce accounts 3x a day. The rebuild has brought down the constant account backlogs from 300k updates per cycle to 50k updates per cycle, so we've improved the backlog from 24hrs to 3hrs for updates, but we would love to get this down to under 1hr.

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Nothing has been solved for us yet but I was told by Marketo (long ago - not yet done for us yet) that we could change the sync priority from Accounts to Contacts and to possibly build out a sync hierarchy.

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