Email subject line testing

Email subject line testing

It would be great to have a subject line guidance tool within Marketo itself. Whilst we can use the excellent A/B testing capabilities most users today are going to third party websites such as Over 4 Million Subject Lines Tested. #1 Free Tool for Email Marketing -  and other websites to get email subjects tested and evaluated (against criteria such as length, words, mobile suitability etc). If we could instead easily do that within the platform that would be useful.

In addition if Marketo could use all of the valuable data gained from email over the years and somehow plug that into the guidance that would be even better.

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We're planning to add a length counter to warn you when the subject is greater than the recommended length. But, do you really think the other stuff is useful? I would like to see data backing up the claims about what works and doesn't in a subject line. I think it really depends on the audience. We try not to add features to the product that aren't based on proven methodologies.

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I think if it could be based on evidence then yes it would be useful. If it's just opinion about Best Practice then no. I realise that evidence based testing is very very difficult to achieve across a community. The length counter would be a good start though.

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Hi Justin,

At least, there are quite a few things that are known to be perfect candidates for anti-spam systems

The very difficult thing will be to provide it in various languages.


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