Change "Error" message to "Warning" message: Delete Program Tokens even when in use

Change "Error" message to "Warning" message: Delete Program Tokens even when in use

Looks like through a new error message now popping up not allowing you to delete tokens without unbuilding assets first:


Can we override this error or remove it altogether? It defeats the whole point of using tokens, which is overriding the insanity of error messages and unbuilding workflows, and program tokens have default values when undefined! This has been solved by ":default=" already.

Let's change this to a warning for a middle ground, which has a "nevermind" option or a "continue anyway" option. I can understand this as a guard rail for those new to Marketo, but it's an actual hindrance/limiting feature for the advanced users and streamlined processes.


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This is a very good point, really need the ability to get past it. Similar when loading data, give me Orange warnings not Red Warnings so we can get past it.

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I'm just in the midst of a discussion with Marketo Support, as I want to delete an overridden token from a folder. In fact I don't want to delete that token, I just want it to default back to the value it got from a higher level folder and with that make it "inherited" again.

But I get the same error message as Edward, and of course the token is in use. Actually it's used by 549 landing pages (which I learned from support). Support says I need to remove the reference on the assets which makes no sense at all. I need to keep the reference AND I want to delete the token in its overridden status. Can't believe that shouldn't be possible, but it seems it's not.

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