Champion/Challenger Capability in Batch Campaigns

Champion/Challenger Capability in Batch Campaigns

It was recently confirmed to me by support that Champion/Challenger tests can only be used with trigger campaigns. While I understand that there are other A/B test capabilities, Champion/Challenger tests are very easy to set up and execute, and lead to more efficient testing across the board.

The fact that they can only be used with trigger campaigns unearthed another limitation for those of us using programs in engagement programs... You cannot do Champion/Challenger tests here either, because they are batch campaigns.

There was recently a bug that was allowing these tests in batch campaigns, so hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to implement this, and it would make testing much easier all-around!!
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It's not clear from this that putting an email in a program in an engagement stream won't work.

It should say, champion challenger only works in trigger campaigns or in an email in a stream in an engagement program NOT in batch programs or in a program in a stream in an engagement program.

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Well, now we're getting down to the way that Marketo phrases stuff... and I agree that it's pretty bad in some instances!

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Is there any progress on A/B testing becoming available in more than just email programs, triggers and engagement streams? It is very frustrating that this feature isn't already available.

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