Tags for Documents/Files

Tags for Documents/Files

It would be good if you could create tags for documents and files. 

Our website is full of resources such as Case studies, Whitepapers, Datasheets etc. It would be great to have the ability to tag these documents with a relevant document type tag, which would then give the ability to run trigger campaigns using this tag.

For example we often run alerts to be sent to lead owners/sales if a cookie'd lead accesses an ungated piece of content. Currently we fire this alert of "visits page...." but the issue here is that you have to keep updating the list everytime a new piece of content is created. If I could apply a tag to all Case Studies for example, the trigger campaign could just listen out for this and I would assign the tag when I upload the document. This is just one example of how and why it would be useful to assign tags to docs but something that would be cool for us 🙂

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At enterprise level this is getting more important. We need to be able to configure the parameters like tags. And also be able to choose which are mandatory.

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