Basic web domain criteria for RTP assets

Basic web domain criteria for RTP assets

We have been setting up our assets in the RTP recommendation engine, and have run into the following issue: We have US, Canadian-English, Canadian-French, and UK versions of our website, and our collateral is adjusted slightly for each site. When we put our assets in the recommendation engine, while we can add a recommended geo-location for each asset, we are not able to guaruntee that our UK assets appear for visitors to our UK site, our US assets appear for visitors to our US site, and so on.

I understand that the purpose of the recommendation engine is to look at a visitor's web activity and make recommendations based on visitors with similar web activity, but I do wish there were some very basic criteria that would allow us to specify which of our website domains specific assets would appear on. We don't want to run the risk of recommending content to a visitor that pertains to a product that is not even available in their country. Further, since we can't specify a web domain, there is no way for us to make sure that visitors to the French-Canadian site are pointed to French content, and visitors to the English Canadian site view English content (we've had to turn off the engine on the French domain).
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Hi Emily,

Thanks for the idea, I've heard similar requests related to the Recommendation bar especially for multi-language sites.

As you correctly mentioned, you cannot guarantee that certain assets will appear for certain criteria, as this is what the machine learns and predicts, but there is a strong point to manage language related content, or be able to split the assets up into different types of recommendation bars running on your domain.

We will look to add a solution to this in the upcoming year as well as additional exciting features for the recommendation engine.


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