API A/B Testing Subjectlines

API A/B Testing Subjectlines

When utilising API developers note: the following endpoints: Get Email by Id, Get Email by Name, Get Emails are only able to retrieve the subject line of emails that have been created as a template but does not have the ability to pull the subject lines of campaigns that have been created for A/B testing or a Champion/Challenger test.

As per the developer notes below there is currently no way to pull the test subject lines and all these fields are returned as a blank. This is a mission critical reporting metric for any EMS (Email Marketing System) and should be something that comes out the box. The functionality must be available because this function is possible through RCS, however is not possible through the API currently. 

Developers note

If an email is part of a program that is using Email Testing (A/B Test, or Champion/Challenger Test), then that email is not available for query using the following endpoints: Get Email by Id, Get Email by Name, Get Emails. The call will indicate success, but will contain the following warning: “No assets found for the given search criteria.”

This functionality would improve reporting adding more value to the product and the available data.

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We need this or a better method within the UI

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we too would like to have this.

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We're having a similar problem where we can't retrieve the email templates when A/B testing is used and we've been told there is no workaround to get these using the API. This is a key requirement for our project so its very important to us that this gets fixed.

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We have been facing the exact same issue and its mind boggling that a company as big as Marketo does not give us the raw data the way we see it in Marketo UI. Our data should never be encapsulated behind "WHOLE EMAILS AB TEST" pretext!