Allow "hidden @mentions" in Community posts


Allow "hidden @mentions" in Community posts

I often want to draw the attention of my clients and partners (who also have Community accounts) to a post, but I don't feel like typing a whole list of people for the world to see... it clutters the thread and attracts undue attention to them, when I'm just giving them something to read that may pertain to a project we're working on.

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And better yet, allow us to create custom member groupings (distribution lists) so we can notify everyone on a multi-member team by just using that group name.

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Have you guys used the "Share" button on the right-side?

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I hadn't!  I'll use that in future.  I would close the Idea but I like Greg's extension.

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Hi Dan,

You can share with a Group as well, including any private group.

But you cannot have a private list on which anyone would be BCC with your share. I concur with Sanford, as a partner, I would love to be able to address my customers with a share.

I feel it would be worth a separate idea. I'll vote.


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Status changed to: Already have it