allow complex rules for "add choice" attributes

allow complex rules for "add choice" attributes

I’ve searched the community for similar ideas, but couldn't find one so i'll create new one.

as marketing campaigns become more complex and personalized i find out that i'm really missing the ability to have an advanced logic applied to the "add choice" flow steps.

what marketo has now is quite straight-forward: if value of parameter A is "-" --> do this (or default choice)

and that's pretty much all you can do

i'm missing the option of doing something based on a combination of different fields/parameters (for example):


filled out form is A


some other parameter B is TRUE


DO the action

(in short, having the same functionality we have in the smart lists now, where you can even write an equation 1 and 2 and (3 or 4))

of course, there are always a workarounds of creating a "mid-steps", adding to lists and using velocity scripts, but, imho, it some cases having this advanced logic would be invaluable and much more easy to use

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Hi Vlada,

Create a smart lists for each of you complex rule, then in the choice, just use the "member of smart list" smart campaign.


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