Adding customized fields to the Marketo Event App

Adding customized fields to the Marketo Event App

I think the Marketo Event app is a great way to efficiently register leads who visit your booth at a event. It is even possible to edit older data which may not be correct. All changes are directly saved in the Marketo database.

However, in the event app, you only have a few fields that you can fill in. When meeting potential customers at events, we gather a lot more information, which could (and should) be stored in our customized Marketo fields.

Wouldn't it be much easier to let us add more fields in the event app, so that all gathered data is automatically saved in the Marketo database? Otherwise only a few pieces of data is stored, and all the other information you collect from a lead has to be added manually at a later point in time.

Any support for adding this function to the app? And is Marketo already working on expanding the possibilities with the event app?



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There are quite a few ideas on the ipad app, some of them pretty old :

  • (a duplicate of yours)


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We want to capture opt ins via this form. Quite essential for GDPR compliance.



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Yep, that's a good point..


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It would be very helpful to customize the fields collected for new leads in the marketo check in app. An issue we have is that some people pre-register for our events, but the majority show up at the door. So for some we want to check them in, and for others we want to collect their information (if they are interested) to send them nurture mails. The problem is that the check in app doesn't allow for custom fields, so we can't collect interest areas (or privacy terms / conditions), or hidden fields for the correct lead partition.

Ideally, the user could toggle between two screens, one for "check in" and there the pre-registered names appear, and the other for "request more information" where it would be a marketo form with a simple background image and submit button, similar to a simple landing page.

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I can't believe this idea hasn't been implemented yet. We need to get opt-in for GDPR, more than a year later and still no compliance possible?!

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