Add "Unopened Clicks" to the Opened list

Add "Unopened Clicks" to the Opened list

If a lead doesn't accept images - or if for some reason it's not communicated to Marketo that they downloaded the invisible GIF, no Open is associated with the lead.

If they click on a link it's picked up as a click, but now you have more clicks than opens.

If someone clicks on an email link you should assume they opened the email and you should add them in as an Open.  This way you always have a 1:1 metric for Clicked to Open.

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Hey Robb, do you have a report that shows more clicks than opens? I was pretty sure Marketo stated they will deem an open in the case of a click that doesn't have a recorded open so that you avoid those types of scenarios (basically I thought your idea was already the reality). 
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Yeah @Robb B I thought this was already implemented exactly as described.
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Not according to what Marketo staff told me at Summit.
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@Robb B see this text at

If the email record shows Clicked Email or Unsubscribed, it is counted as Delivered and Opened.

If it's working otherwise for you, I think you should file a bug (case) with support as opposed to a feature request.
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