Add Link Clicks to Program Reports

Add Link Clicks to Program Reports

It would be great if we could have similar click-rate measurements for landing pages as emails. My team would like to see the total number of times a link on a landing page is clicked so that we can measure total conversions, not just uniques (as we do with program success). This would allow us to see the number of people who click to download multiple times. Preferably this metric would be available in Analytics and Program Reports in RCE.

There are a few other locations that similar questions/ideas have come up including here.

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Another use case: we put out reports for about 5 different regions and house them all on the same landing page. We publish the reports in English, but we also go through a long and tedious process to get 3 of those reports translated. We want to be able to look at the conversion rate for each link on the landing page and analyze whether or not it's worth it to continue to translate these reports, or if the English versions are sufficient.

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If you are styling the link as a button one way to hack this is to create a form with no fields besides submit. Then have the submit button direct to the link URL. Doing it this way will allow you to track the conversions of the form in the program report when it is only really them clicking the link.

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