Create "one-time" triggered reports

Create "one-time" triggered reports

The ability to create "one-time" triggered reports that live in the flow step of a campaign. Instead of choosing from a subscription of daily, weekly, monthly - this feature would allow a person to choose any day/month for their report to deploy. So for instance if you need to send a single report to the campaign owner 3 days after an email was sent - you could simply choose from a pick list the specific month/day/year (and maybe even time of day). The campaign owner would receive this "one time report" 3 days after you send the email.

This seems like a basic functionality that is missing from Marketo. Most of my account executives do not want recurring reports - they just want one.

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We actually have a need for this type of automated report over report subscriptions.  Our ops team spends too much time manually executing and sending email reports xx number of days after a campaign has been activated.  I would like this feature to be separate from report subscriptions since there is a cap to the number of subscriptions you can have; and would need to spend time managing this.  A simple triggered report capability would be so valuable.

Here are a couple of other related ideas that would allow this same functionality to happen:

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We have need for this as well.  After we send various email campaigns, we currenlty have to go in and manually pull an email performance report and send to a list of internal people.  It's very labor-intenstive.  We need a way to auto-send the results of a given campaign x days after it's deployed.  The current "subscription" options only include recurring reports.  We need a one-time option.

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I can't emphasize enough how much of a necessity this is! One-time reporting is completely unmanageable, especially for a large org with 15+ million contacts and hundreds of campaigns running every week. Is this request still being reviewed since 2015???

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