Add an entry to the calendar without a program

Add an entry to the calendar without a program

It would be very helpful to be able to add a calendar entry without having it obligatory linked  to a program. For example, I'd wish to enter the national holidays in the calendar but I can't because it needs to be linked to a parent program.
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You can... by creating a dummy parent program, Holidays, and adding them manually to that local program calendar, which rolls up to global. 

I agree, I want this feature & voted for it. But you can do it now, it's just annoying. Cart before the Horse in some of our ways of working. 
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In our roadmap, we do have an item to handle holidays. Details and timing TBD. 

But it is unlikely (but never say never, right) that entries can live outside programs. 


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I like this as a starting point - but I think the ability to add entries outside of a program would be very useful. For example, if a colleague asks for an email in a month's time, you don't want to have to create a program and a dummy send date just as a placeholder. Ideally, you could simply add a new calendar item "schedule" which you could use to avoid any potential scheduling issues, and as a placeholder until the email is built.
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Agreed!  Adding placeholder items directly through the calendar would be a GREAT addition!

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