Add a "Used By" column option for My Tokens

Add a "Used By" column option for My Tokens

I've had a couple of clients now go to delete a My Token on a program only to be told the token is in use. Unfortunately there's no easy way to determine how the token is being used.

This is increasingly important since tokens can now be added to Guided Landing Page templates and as long as the template is in place and approved it will prevent the deletion of the token.

It would be nice to have a "Used By" column for My Tokens, just like any other asset in the design studio.

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Fantastic suggestion!

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Great idea! Also, if you change the Token name on the folder or Program level, the system does not automatically update that token name in flow steps where it is referenced. It would be very helpful to have this enabled.  

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Love this idea!

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Duplicate with this one :

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