Activity Log for SmartCampaigns and Programs

Activity Log for SmartCampaigns and Programs

Hi All,

It would be great if we could see an Activity Log-like history of SmartCampaigns and Programs. Not just the "Last Run Date," but a full blow-by-blow of what has changed in the program, by whom and when. Would really help when wading through some of the data bottlenecks we have!


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Do you mean a history of changes to the actual workflow?

Because if you click on Results, you can see the entire log of what the system did and to whom.
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Hi Josh -- 

I mean more what changes were made to the actual SmartCampaign or program, not how it was run or which leads were affected. More like what our internal users have done, i.e. "Filter Changed: Country is US to Country is United States" or "Triggered Campaign Turned off by #### User", etc. To keep track of how the program has been altered over time. 

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