Ability to delete and/or update Interesting Moments

Ability to delete and/or update Interesting Moments

I would like the ability to either outright delete interesting moments or to be able to modify them when necessary.  We have been taking a look at the interesting moments lately and quite frankly some historical things just aren't relevant and/or they were things we wouldn't consider interesting moment worthy today and I would like to clean that up.  Also we have tried implementing new interesting moments and they have not all worked out like we would have liked them too and we would like to back those out of the system.  That list can get really cluttered and we would like to have the ability to tailor it as we grow as an organization to what things we think are most important.
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@kh-billfWhere can I upvote to delete Interesting Moments? 

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Septepmber 2020 here... is it possible or not yet?

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100% needed!! 💯💯💯💯

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