Tip of the Day: Empty String vs. Null are considered different inputs in Adobe Marketo Engage!

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

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💡 Adobe Marketo Engage tip of the day 💡

Do you know that Marketo considers "" (empty string), and NULL as different inputs from the input sources (forms/list import)?

Marketo won't make any updates to the field's value when an empty string ("") is passed in the form's post. Essentially, there won't be any Change Data Value activity logged for it too.

Conversely, Marketo treats "NULL", "Null", and "null" values as a cue to wash off any existing value present in the respective field on a person's record. Undoubtedly, Marketo would log a Change Data Value activity as well, unlike in the previous case.

In-order to avoid any surprises later, knowledge of this distinct behavior of Marketo is of utmost importance while setting the default values for the hidden form-fields/importing lists.


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