Marketo-to-Marketo Migrations - Things to know

Marketo Employee
Marketo Employee

What is Marketo-to-Marketo Migration?


When Marketo instances needs to move due to (but not limited to):

  • change of CRM,
  • move from MS Dynamics On-Prem to Online,
  • move from natively connected CRM to custom or no CRM,
  • merging one or more Marketo instances into one
  • MS Dynamics or SFDC CRM refresh or restructure of data model
  • Business Unit wants to have their own Marketo instance

Precious data accumulated in the original instance should be transferred to the newly provisioned Marketo instance. The process of moving this data is called Marketo-to-Marketo migration.


What are the migration options?


  • Instance Copy/Config Copy
    1. Preserve the instance as-is
    2. Applicable only when the new instance is blank
    3. Executed with help of Marketo Support
  • Manual Migration
    1. Select programs come over in the new instance
    2. Applicable when the new instance is blank or already has data
    3. Executed manually utilizing Marketo’s Program Import Wizard

What are the nuances with each method?


  • Instance Copy/Config Copy
    1. New/Destination instance must be completely blank
    2. Always possible when source instance is natively connected with SFDC as CRM
    3. Confirm with Marketo Support if when source instance is natively connected with MS Dynamics as CRM
  • Manual Migration
    1. Marketo’s Program Import Wizard must be enabled
      1.      Contact Marketo Support to enable this
    2. Fields used in the programs (to migrate) should be present in destination instance
      1.      Field API and Display names should match between the source and destination instances
      2.      If not, it will require manual rebuild of programs
    3. Can happen if the instance is natively connected with any CRM or has custom integration


What data points are copied with each method?


Below are the data points that get copied from old/source Marketo instance to the new/destination Marketo instance from the two methods:


  • Instance Copy/Config Copy
    1. Programs (Tokens and Folders)
    2. Smart Campaigns
    3. Assets (Templates, Emails, Landing Pages, Snippets, Images)
    4. Smart Lists
    5. Static Lists
    6. Fields (Marketo and CRM*)
  • Manual Migration
    1. Programs
      1.  With local assets within the migrated program except snippets, dynamic content, or segmentation; needs to be removed, recreated, and reassociated
      2. Program Channel
      3. Program Tags

*Do field analysis to cleanup copied fields. If the API names of fields from old CRM is the same in new CRM, then they will be auto mapped in new Marketo instance.


What data points WILL NOT be copied with each method?


With both the methods (Config Copy/Manual Migration), below data points will not be brought over from source instance to destination instance:

  1. Person Data
  2. Cookies
  3. List (static or smart) Membership data
  4. Program Membership data or status
  5. Doesn’t activate or schedule smart campaigns
  6. Activity History
  7. Marketo Users
  8. Report or list subscriptions
  9. Images and Files


For more information on the above, discuss with your Customer Success Manager or Business Consultant(s).

And, if you want to know more about how you can use scripts to migrate data in this process, check out the blog 'Marketo-to-Marketo Migrations - Scripting'.