How 2B Fearless with Fearless 50 Member, Michael Guzman

In this edition of the How 2B Fearless series, we sat down with Michael Guzman, who is not only a Fearless 50 member, but also a Marketo User Group Leader for Charlotte. Michael shares what being a fearless marketer means for him and what that has meant for his career.


What does fearless marketing mean to you?

Fearless marketing means doing whatever it takes to reach your marketing objectives, regardless of the perceived consequences. It means you set yourself unrealistic marketing expectations and stay out of the “be realistic” marketing box in which people may try to put you. It means you truly internalize that there’s no marketing mistake you can’t simply correct. Finally, you know you’re a fearless marketer when what is your every day, normal approach to marketing looks FEARLESS to everyone else.


Who is a fearless marketer you look up to and why?

Gary Vaynerchuk is someone I see as a fearless marketer. Why? Because his approach to marketing is unapologetic, irreverent and unconventional… and it works! Whether you love him or hate him, Gary is a fearless leader and educator in the world of digital marketing.


How did your career start out in marketing?

I actually started my career as a software developer and architect working both as an employee and consultant in the automotive, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and technology industries. It wasn’t until 2006 that I really started as a “digital marketer.” I managed paid search campaigns, organic search, media buys, as well as email and display campaigns for my clients. Eventually, I was introduced to Marketo and the power of enterprise-level marketing automation. For me, it was a perfect fit! I love the challenges of marketing and technology, the constant change and the fast pace environment of MarTech.


How did you get to the point you are at in your career today?

Early in my career, I chose to only pursue short-term contract positions (typically 6 months long) that required new technology skill sets and the ability to solve problems quickly. For over 10 years, I learned to embrace the constant change and uncertainty/challenge that each new contract brought. It was an amazing period of skill sharpening and confidence building.


I also started my own business, an independent consulting agency, helping small and medium sized businesses with marketing, branding, lead generation and overall digital strategy. I operated my consulting agency for seven years.


I then decided to switch careers and tryout real estate investing and “flipping properties” for 4-5 years. Having advanced marketing and technology skills gave me an unfair advantage over my non-MarTech investing competitors. My success as a tech-savvy real estate “flipper” was featured in a national trade publication when I made over $100,000 on a single flip.


What have you learned from other members of the Fearless 50?

It has been my experience that the members of the Fearless 50 have a real heart for teaching and sharing. I’m so impressed by how these individuals will go the extra mile to help solve a problem for a marketing colleague.


What are three pieces of advice you would give to the next generation of fearless marketers?

# 1.) Never stop learning (inside and outside your area of expertise)

# 2.) If you are an employee, change your job/employer often (at least every 2-3 years)

# 3.) Develop an entrepreneurial mindset… and then be one




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Level 10

Great post, I love the point about bringing martech skills into other areas where those skills are underrepresented in the market, giving you competitive advantage. I definitely like to lean on that when I can. 

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Level 7 - Champion Alumni

Interesting career, fun to hear about the steps you have taken.

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I love hearing the different paths everyone takes to get to Martech! 

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Great advice, Michael! 

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Very diverse experience, interesting to hear of a mix of jobs and projects.

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Very inspiring! 6-month contracts sounds amazing and scary at the same time! I like the drive & determination to make that work!

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"Develop an entrepreneurial mindset… and then be one" - that's my favorite piece of advice!! Great article.

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Love hearing everyone's diverse experience, interesting to hear about the mix of jobs and projects.

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Great resource, Michael.